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With slide-gate flow control

Solutions for automatic mould level control on casting machine, using sliding gate flow control from tundish to mould

With 40 years expertise in mould level control, more than 500 strands equipped with SERT systems, SERT is a specialist to implement control loop including mould level sensor and advanced adaptive controller on any caster already equipped with sliding gate


  • Various sensor choice, including suspended or ledge type full digital eddy-current sensor
  • Advanced adaptive controller to match all major perturbations that can occur during casting sequence


  • Strand autostart
  • Advanced control modules to face periodical perturbations like waves in mould or bulging

Associated products

  • UCN advanced mould level controller
  • XLEV eddy-current sensor
  • VESUVIUS range of tundish slide-gates.
With slide-gate flow control
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