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SERT METAL & AVEMIS join Vesuvius Group.

We are glad to announce that SERT METAL and AVEMIS have joined VESUVIUS Group.

This friendly integration is made with the purpose to offer the best possible solutions in metal flow control systems to our Steel and Foundry customers all over the world.

For projects related to Steel Continuous Casting, VESUVIUS' expertise in Flow Control will combine with SERT METAL and AVEMIS specific expertise in mould level control with stopper, mould level measurement and other instrumentation around the mould area.

For projects related to Iron Pouring, FOSECO’s expertise in Foundry will combine with SERT METAL’s specific solutions for automatic mould pouring and control of the liquid iron from the melting unit to the moulding line.

Beyond the synergies of expertise and technologies, which will help opening new tracks for development and innovation, the integration will also progressively offer new opportunities for localization of assistance and services as close as possible to our customers worldwide.

Be sure that we will continue to serve you at the highest level of service you have come to expect:
SERT METAL and AVEMIS keep their own strength, know-how and values, all the while now fully integrated in the VESUVIUS Group, combining our forces and sharing common care for better casting quality, higher productivity and safe production environment.

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