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Continuous casting

03/02/18 | Upcoming event: ANKIROS 2018 (Turkey)

Come and visit Vesuvius booth at Ankiros 2018 !

Ankiros is a trade fair for the professional metallurgy industry and attracts qualified visitors and exhibitors from all around the world. 

It takes place in Istanbul, Turkey, every 2 years.
Next edition: Thursday, October 25  to Saturday, October 27, 2018.

We look forward to presenting you our products and systems.


Click here for more information





AISTech2017 - Nashville, Tenn. USA - May 8-11

Visit VESUVIUS booth  # 2537 at AISTech2017, the Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition that will take place in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 8-11 May 2017. 

This event will feature technologies from all over the world that help steel producers to compete more effectively in today’s global market. AISTech is a can’t-miss event for anyone involved at any level of today’s steel marketplace. Follow the link for more information




The Vesuvius booth # 2537 will focus on:

· Total TundishTechnology
· Ironmaking Solutions
· Technical Services (Sensors and Probes)

Besides, VESUVIUS will present several technical papers as authors or co-authors:

. Monday 8 at 11:00 am
Know Your Level: Operational Benefits of Establishing Accurate Mold Level and Control

. Wedn.10 at 8:00 am
Comparison of Inclusion Modification Process in Lab Experiments and Industrial Production
After Reduction of Slags and Refractories by High-Al Steel

. Wedn.10 at 8:30 am
Optimized Steel Grade Transition Practice at JSW Vijayanagar


Follow the link for the full AISTech Conference programme


ECCC / ESTAD - Vienna - June 2017

4 technical papers will be presented by Vesuvius as authors or co-authors.

The 9th ECCC  (European Continuous Casting Conference) and
the 3rd ESTAD (European Steel Technology and Application Days)
will take place in Vienna, Austria, from June 26 to June 29, 2017.


The ECCC is a unique forum for the European continuous casting community to exchange views on the status and future development of the continuous casting process. The conference program is abreast of the latest developments in control and automation, advanced continuous casting technologies and the continuing improvement of product quality.  

The ESTAD international conference focuses on the latest trends and issues and provides a wide networking and information platform for equipment and service suppliers, plant manufacturers and steelmakers. At this event you will acquire the latest information on new ideas and developments as well as on the state-of-the-art in metallurgical process technologies for iron and steel production, steel materials and steel application. 

Vesuvius is sponsor of the event and will have a booth in the main hall. Make sure to visit ! 

Also, 4 papers will be presented by Vesuvius as authors or co-authors.
See Vesuvius website for full details.

06/24/15 | METEC2015 closed its doors

METEC2015 closed its doors.

We wish to thank all the people who contributed to make the event such a big success, and particularly the many customers who visited VESUVIUS stand in hall 5.





Follow the link to François Wanecq's interview





AISTech2015 - The I&S Technology Exposition

AISTech 2015 is scheduled for 4–7 May 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition features technologies from all over the world, allowing steel producers to compete in today's global market. It provides a global prospective on the technology and engineering expertise, necessary to power a sustainable steel industry.

We look forward to your visit on Vesuvius Booth.








Upcoming event: METEC2015

METEC exhibition will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany, next June.

The METEC focuses consistently upon reflecting on challenges in order to recognise the requirements of the future. The best metallurgy experts in the world are meeting to exchange ideas and experience.

More information about METEC




SERT METAL Flow Control Systems for the Continuous Casting of I&S will be presented at METEC on Vesuvius Booth Hall 5 Stand D19. Do not fail to visit us! We look forward to meeting you.

Stand Number






06/03/14 | 8th ECCC coming soon

ECCC2014, the 8th European Continuous Casting Conference, will take place in Graz, Austria, from June 23 to June 26, 2014.

Do not fail to visit us on Vesuvius booth # 10.

The ECCC is a unique forum for the European continuous casting community to exchange views on the status and future development of the continuous casting process.



The list of exhibitors and the exhibition floor plan
are available under





The conference program is abreast of the latest developments in control and automation, advanced continuous casting technologies and the continuing improvement of product quality.

The Conference program is now available



04/24/14 | Conference at AISTech2014 on May 6

In cooperation with North Star BlueScope Steel, Vesuvius will present a paper at AISTech about a successful automatic mold level control upgrade project.

When: Tuesday May 6, at 4:00 pm

Where: AISTech2014 I&S  Technology Conference in Indianapolis, IN, USA

Successes and Challenges of Upgrading a Complete Mold Level Control System
at North Star BlueScope Steel

Glen Meiring, North Star BlueScope Steel; Craig Hawkins, North Star BlueScope Steel;
Patrick Arnulf, Vesuvius USA; Xavier Rabec, Vesuvius USA

This paper describes an automatic mold level control upgrade project at NorthStar Bluescope Steel. The project presented unique challenges due to the original equipment setup, as well as the incremental caster upgrades over the years, which led to a situation in which equipment had to perform at a high level in a single-caster plant context. The paper describes the background of the project, the project itself, as well as its implementation and commissioning. A special emphasis is placed on the initial challenges of the project, as well as how initially unforeseen issues were overcome.



NSBS logoVesuvius






04/24/14 | Come and meet us at AISTech2014

SERT METAL will be present at AISTech2014
the Iron&Steel  Technology Conference and Exposition
which will take place in Indianapolis, IN, USA, on May 5-8, 2014.

On Vesuvius Booth #1527 the exhibits will include AMLC mock-up,
showing M-Type electric stopper valve and XLEV sensors.
We look forward to your visit.

Besides, on the conference side, a paper about Vesuvius Flow Control Systems
will be presented on Tuesday, May 6 at 4:00 pm
Successes and Challenges of Upgrading a Complete Mold Level Control System
at North Star BlueScope Steel”

Authors are Glen Meiring and Craig Hawkins, from North Star BlueScope Steel,
Patrick Arnulf, from SERT Vesuvius LY and Xavier Rabec, from Vesuvius USA.


Do not fail to attend !

Click here to read the abstract






02/22/13 | AISTech2013 I&S Technology Exhibition

Our sister company VESUVIUS USA will be exhibiting at AISTech 2013 International Iron&Steel Technology Exhibition, which will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Missouri, U.S.A., May 6-9, 2013.

We look forward to meeting you on Booth # 1341.

More information:

Ferrous foundry

06/24/15 | GIFA2015 closed its doors

GIFA2015 closed its doors. Biggest ever GIFA for FOSECO. June 2015 saw Foseco have its biggest ever stand at GIFA, the world’s largest foundry trade fair held in Düsseldorf Germany. With a total floor space of 1200 m2, the stand was divided into 3 zones featuring the latest advances in foundry process technologies for iron, steel and aluminium foundries. Representatives from 28 countries were in attendance generating a record number of customer enquiries, and hits on the special GIFA web site exceeded all expectations.

Under the slogan of “The Plus for Your Business”, the 45 exhibits and 55 case studies presented demonstrated how advances in product and application technology from Foseco enable foundries to meet and exceed the ever-increasing demands for quality and consistency from their customers. 


Specific highlights included:

· STELEX ZR ULTRA and SEDEX ULTRA high porosity framed filters delivering enhanced inclusion removal at higher flow rates in iron and steel applications;
. The application of FEEDEX and KALMINEX sleeves to DISAMATIC moulding lines, facilitating significant increases in casting yield;. Methoding solutions for compact graphite iron applications;
· The latest advances in the INITEK process for the production of ductile iron, incorporating temperature control, MSI +DC dynamic inoculation and ITACA thermal analysis;
· Coating density control in high production automotive iron foundry applications;
· SOLOSIL TX inorganic core binders for aluminium foundries;
· SMARTT degassing technology for the optimisation of the degassing and metal treatment of aluminium melts;
· INSURAL insulating dosing furnace and transport ladle linings for aluminium foundries.

22 new technical papers were published to support the show and technical presentations on STELEX ULTRAadvanced steel filters and SOLOSIL TX inorganic binders were given at the Technical Forum.

In addition, four live shows were presented featuring:
· Integrated product and technology solutions at Nissan, Spain
. Enhanced process control in the iron melt shop
· SOLOSIL TX inorganic binders
· SMARTT – innovative process control for rotary degassing

Glenn Cowie, Business President of Foseco, commented: “The record levels of visitors and enquiries reflects our customer’s ongoing need to drive innovation, quality, productivity and process control in their casting operations.  The live shows were especially well received and clearly demonstrated the importance of application expertise and customer process understanding in maximising the value generated for our customers from the products and services we provide.”




12/08/14 | Foseco opens dedicated Foundry R&D facility

Opening ceremony Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vesuvius plc, announces that it has invested £4.5m in the establishment of a new, dedicated R&D Centre for its Foundry Business Unit, Foseco. The facility, which is located in Enschede, the Netherlands, covers an area of 4,500 sqm and is equipped with state of the art analytical equipment, chemical lab, and a test foundry.

Pavel Holub, Global R&D Director Foundry commented:  “this exciting new centre offers a world class innovation environment which will allow us to attract the best talents from all around the world helping us to drive the creation of innovative solutions, new products and services for the foundry industry.” 

George Coulston, Chief Technology Officer for Vesuvius plc said:  "This represents a significant step forward in the Vesuvius strategy of maintaining its technology and innovation leadership position across all business lines and further demonstrates our commitment to providing our foundry customers with the leading edge innovations they require".

The facility will bring together Foseco’s metal treatment, feeding, filtration, binders and coatings research and development activity under one roof.  Crucible and refractory R&D will remain in a second facility in Pittsburgh, USA.

Glenn Cowie, Business President of Foseco, stated, “Foseco has a proud history of innovation through the introduction and development of technologies such as metal filtration, feeding systems and automated metal treatment processes, which have gone on to become industry standards.  With our unique combination of technology, application expertise and foundry process know-how, we are ideally positioned to work even closer with our customers to develop the iron, steel and non ferrous foundry technologies of tomorrow.”

About Foseco:

Foseco, the foundry division of Vesuvius plc, is a global leader in products and solutions for improving foundry performance. Its purpose is to enable improved foundry performance by working alongside our customers to develop and apply products and services that produce better casting quality and  higher productivity at lower costs in a safe and healthy working environment.


plaquegroupe locaux



Upcoming event: GIFA2015

GIFA exhibition will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany, next June.

The GIFA is the platform for excellent Business activities and is the indicator for the innovations which will orientate the future. Here contacts are maintained, and here will you have the opportunity to communicate directly with renowned manufacturers of foundry technology from all over the world.

More information about GIFA




SERT METAL Systems for Foundry will be presented at GIFA on Foseco Booth Hall 12 - Stand A01 + A02. Do not fail to come and see us. 

FOSECO stand at GIFA







FENAF 2013 Foundry Exhibition

Our sister company FOSECO will be exhibiting at FENAF 2013 15th South American FoundryExhibition,
which will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, October 15-18, 2013.

We look forward to meeting you on Booth number :C16-22/D15-21

More information:


11/22/12 | 2nd INOCHECK system for Condals

After the successful commissioning of a first INOCHECK system in May 2012,
Fundería Condals (Spain) has just ordered a second system.
Scheduled commissioning: early 2013.

Funderia Condals produces medium and high volume  Condals Inocheck screen
castings in both ductile and grey cast iron:

  • technology: two Disamatic, 2013-MK5 and 231-B,
    with 535 x 650 x 360 mm moulds;
  • pressure furnace
  • range of weights - 0.1 to 20 kg;
  • production capacity - 30 000 tons / year;
  • cast parts - for the automotive and rail industrial sectors.Condals Inocheck sensor
  • Funcosa, located in Manresa, Catalunya, Spain

We thank our customers for their repeated trust.

More information
about SERT METAL in-stream inoculation checker INOCHECK.

11/16/12 | CAST EXPO 2013 Foundry Exhibition

Our sister company FOSECO will be exhibiting at Cast Expo 2013 International Foundry Exhibition, which will take place in Saint-Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., April 6-9, 2013

We look forward to meeting you on Booth # 2680.

More information:

04/10/12 | Publication: Predictive control, one step ahead in automatic pouring

We invite you to read the paper we published in the October-November 2011 issue of the magazine Cast Metal & Diecasting Times, that featured Automatic and semi-automatic pouring systems. That paper, entitled  "Predictive control: one step ahead in automatic pouring with stopper", includes a case study and results related to a major Foundry plant in the U.S.

To read the paper, click below:

Cet article est également disponible en français, sous :


More information about SERT METAL automatic mould pouring system UCERAM


03/13/12 | WFC2012 the 70th World Foundry Congress (Mexico)

SERT METAL will be present at WFC 2012, the 70th World Foundry Congress,
which will take place in Monterrey, N.L., México, April 25-27, 2012.

We look forward to your visit on SERT METAL - FOSECO Booth # 202.

More information:


SERT METAL estará presente junto a FOSECO en la Exposición WFC2012.
Estarémos esperando su visita en el stand número


01/24/12 | Metalurgia 2012 Foundry Exhibition (Brazil)

SERT METAL will be exhibiting at Metalurgia 2012 International Foundry Exhibition, which will take place in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil, September 18-21, 2012.

We look forward to your visit on SERT METAL and FOSECO Booth # 94.

More information:

A SERT METAL estará expondo com a FOSECO na METALURGIA 2012.
Aguardamos sua visita no nosso estande número

Metalurgia 2012 bandeau

01/24/12 | Metal+Metallurgy Foundry Exhibition (China)

SERT METAL will be exhibiting at Metal China 2012 International Foundry Exhibition, which will take place in Beijing, China, next May 9-12, 2012.

We look forward to your visit on SERT METAL and FOSECO Booth # E3C.

More information:

Metal China 2012


Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year!
Best Wishes from all SERT METAL team.



HappyNewYear Lyonlights2011 LyonLights1 LyonLights2 LyonLights3 LyonLights4 LyonLights5 LyonLights6

LYON, Fête des Lumières Décembre 2012 - More about Lyon Light Festival

09/14/20 | Fermeture exceptionnelle semaine 39

Le site sera fermé temporairement la semaine du 21 au 25 septembre 2020.
En cas d'urgence, nous vous invitons à contacter vos interlocuteurs habituels sur leur ligne directe.

This is to inform you that our site will be temporarily closed week 39, from 21st to 25th of September, 2020.
In case of urgent requirement, please send a message to your usual contact person.
Thank you.

03/17/20 | Covid-19: activity continues.

Due to the ongoing outbreak of Covid-19, we have adapted our organization.

Wherever possible, home-office has been arranged, so that we can pursue our activities and continue to serve our customers in the best possible way.

For production and goods receiving/expediting, a reduced team is working on site, with protective measures recommendations, to ensure continuity of service, as much as possible.

To contact us, please use each person's direct email address or cell phone number.

If you do not have direct contact details, we invite you to write to

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

VESUVIUS Flow Control Digital Services




03/01/18 | Mission VIE : Chargé de Comm RH Junior

Nous proposons une mission VIE en tant que Chargé de Communication R.H. Junior
Ces dernières années, la division FLOW CONTROL de notre groupe s’est réorganisée afin de s’adapter aux différents changements de notre marché et de l’industrie en général. Dans ce contexte de forte évolution, nous sommes à la recherche d’un(e) candidat(e) pour une mission VIE au sein du service RH de la division Flow Control en tant que :
Junior HR Communication Specialist.
Ce poste sera basé en Belgique au siège de la division Flow Control.



Quelle sera votre mission ?

Cette mission s’articulera autour de 2 axes principaux : la communication et la formation.

Vous serez rattaché à la Gestionnaire des Talents et travaillerez également avec la Vice-Présidente RH Flow Control

1 – Construire et déployer un plan de communication interne structuré 

Chez Flow Control, nous construisons une vision et un plan stratégique pour les 5 prochaines années.

Nous souhaitons disposer d’un cadre clair et défini afin de communiquer efficacement cette vision et ce plan à l’ensemble de nos équipes. L’objectif étant de mobiliser chaque employé de Flow Control et de les informer des progrès réalisés.

Ces derniers mois, Flow Control a dû faire face à de fortes réorganisations, afin de rester compétitifs face à nos concurrents.  Une communication régulière et cohérente sur notre plan stratégique est indispensable pour garantir la motivation de chaque personne au sein de Flow Control. Nous voulons également mettre en place des actions pour célébrer chaque victoire, chaque évènement important afin de garder le moral des équipes au plus haut.

Vous serez en charge de construire et déployer un plan de communication (approche, cadence, moyens de communications, audiences) pour la division Flow Control afin de répondre aux exigences ci-dessus.

La mise en place de ce plan nécessitera une collaboration très étroite avec la VP RH et l’organisation MARCOM (Marketing & Communication), mais peut également nécessiter des interactions avec les directeurs RH régionaux ou les Responsables de Sites régionaux.

2 – La formation

Au sein de Flow Control, il y a un besoin croissant de formations techniques et commerciales.

Nous avons une grande partie des employés qui ont une ancienneté élevée avec une forte expertise technique. Ce savoir-faire est la plus grande richesse de notre entreprise et il est très important de capter ces connaissances afin de le transmettre aux nouvelles personnes qui nous rejoignent.

Aujourd’hui nous nous orientons de plus en plus vers la vente de solutions globales (avec une combinaison de produits et de services) au lieu d’un seul produit. Il est donc important d’investir dans des formations liées à la vente afin d’accompagner nos commerciaux à cette évolution des méthodes de ventes.

Afin d’optimiser et d’accélérer les efforts de formation, nous travaillons actuellement sur la mises en place de formations via des plates-formes en lignes.

Votre mission sera de travailler avec la VP RH et Le Flow Control Training Expert afin de définir :

  • La hiérarchisation des besoins de formation (il y aura une interaction forte avec les Business VP),
  • Etudier les options en ligne de différents fournisseurs
  • Collaborer avec le prestataire externe sélectionné pour travailler sur le lancement en ligne des formations

Cette mission permettra également au Flow Control Training Expert d’aider à la mise en place des formations HEATT (Techniques) au sein de la division.

Votre profil 

De formation Bac + 5, Master en International Business ou Ressources Humaines avec une spécialisation ou un intérêt pour la communication, vous souhaitez effectuer une mission très opérationnelle dans un environnement exigeant, dynamique et tourné à l’international.

Vous avez un excellent niveau d’anglais, vous êtes autonome, réactif(ve) et doté(e) d’un excellent relationnel, vous recherchez une fonction où votre performance est le facteur primordial de votre réussite.

Ce poste basé à Ghlin, en Belgique est à pourvoir dès que possible (offre publiée le 1er mars 2018).

Cette mission vous intéresse ?

Soumettez dès à présent votre candidature à Mme Béatrice VAYSSE –




03/01/18 | Offre d'emploi / Job offer: ingénieur Automation (x2)

Both positions have been filled and we are pleased to welcome our new colleagues into our team.  
If you are interested in the job description, you may still send us your application in the event of new job openings in the future.

Postes pourvus.


Job Description:

SERT METAL seeks 2 Automation Engineers

2 postes d'ingénieurs Automation à pourvoir rapidement

Afin de renforcer nos équipes, nous recherchons actuellement deux ingénieurs Automation.



Quelles seront vos tâches ? 

Vous travaillerez sous la direction du Responsable Automation du site de Lyon.

Vous assurerez la gestion technique des projets confiés ainsi que l’interface avec le client.

  • Réalisation des études de faisabilité et des dossiers préliminaires,
  • Programmation des automates sur différents environnements techniques,
  • Réalisation des tests de bon fonctionnement avant expédition,
  • Rédaction des notices techniques et documentations de maintenance,
  • Mise en service du système et formation du personnel sur site client.

Dans le cadre de cette fonction, vous travaillerez en étroite collaboration avec vos collègues Ingénieurs Automation mais également avec le Bureau d’Etudes Mécaniques, les équipes R&D et le service Achat / Fabrication.


Votre profil :

Vous avez une formation de type Ingénieur Automaticien, Master II Automatisme / informatique industrielle ou Ecole d’ingénieur (Bac + 5).

Fort d’une expérience d’au moins 5 ans dans le domaine du contrôle-commandes de machines électriques, vous possédez impérativement des connaissances en programmation automates (SIEMENS, TIA Portal) et calculateurs, Asservissements et régulation (PID), traitement du signal.
Les connaissances sur d’autres types de programmation automate (Allen Bradley, schneider, etc.), commande des moteurs, programmation (langage C, C++, C#.NET), ainsi qu’une connaissance de l’environnement See Electrical sont un plus appréciable.

Autonome, Volontaire, organisé, rigoureux, vous faites preuves d’un esprit d’initiative, d’un bon relationnel et de sens du service.
Vous êtes capable de travailler en équipes multi-projets dans un environnement international.
Flexible, vous êtes ouvert à voyager de manière régulière (de 30% à 50% maximum en fonction des périodes) en Europe, Asie, NAFTA etc.

A ce titre, la maitrise de l’anglais oral et écrit est indispensable.
La connaissance d’une seconde langue serait un plus.

Une expérience dans le secteur de la sidérurgie (process de la coulée continue) serait appréciée.

Où travaillerez-vous ? 

Le poste est basé à Décines, dans la proche banlieue Est de LYON.

Conditions :

Contrat type CDI.
Salaire annuel : En fonction de l’expérience + primes lors des déplacements.

Cette fonction vous intéresse ?
Soumettez dès à présent votre candidature à Mme Béatrice VAYSSE –

(offre publiée le 1er mars 2018)



01/01/16 | Happy New Year 2016

Best wishes from all our team



Christmas time

We inform you that our offices will be closed
from Thursday evening, December 24, 2015
to Monday morning, January 4, 2016.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

and we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS !






Lyon's tribute to the victims of the attacks in Paris

Lyon is renowned all over the world for its Festival of Lights hold in December.
This year, however, due to the recent and tragic events in Paris, the celebration could not take place the usual way and the City of Lyon decided to move the program up to December 2016.

Instead, Lyon people were invited to stand united and solidary, lighting up candles on their window sills and balconies to illuminate the city on December 8, in a tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris last November.

à vos lampionshdv2hdv3montgolfière

In addition, the Saône quays and Fourvière hill presented the artwork by Daniel Knipper entitled 'Regards'. 


This fresco, composed of close-ups on the eyes of figures from master paintings, also paid homage to the victims of the terrorist attacks by scrolling their names across the buildings along the quays.




06/08/15 | SERT METAL team participates in yearly challenge “Alternative Ways to Commute”

Once again, SERT METAL staff has participated in the yearly Challenge set by regional authorities:  5ème Challenge Mobilité Rhône-Alpes : "Au travail, j'y vais autrement"It consists in motivating as many people as possible to go to work by any means BUT car in solo. Most participants choose biking, but other ways are also valued, like car-sharing, public transportation, roller‑skating or simply walking, for those who are lucky enough to live close to their work.
The purpose is to raise awareness, and make everybody try to change their transportation habits, thinking about the environmental consequences of the choices they make.

The event took place on a sunny Thursday, June 4, 2015.
SERT METAL staff successfully played the game,
with about half the team leaving their car in the garage.









Happy New Year 2015

SERT METAL team wishes you all the best for 2015 !


Here in Lyon, December traditionally begins with the Festival of Lights 
and we are pleased to share some pictures with you

shot during the latest edition, which took place from Dec.5 thru Dec.8, 2014.

Every year, for several nights, different artists light up buildings, streets, squares and parks all over the city. Millions of visitors from all over France and from abroad brave the cold to go out and enjoy the friendly and joyful spirit of this unique event.






Non ferrous & other pourring process

09/17/12 | ALUMINIUM 2012 Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, October 9-11, 2012.

Our sister company AVEMIS will be exhibiting at ALUMINIUM 2012 International Exhibition, which will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany, October 9-11, 2012.

We look forward to meeting you on Booth # 10H61.

More information:

source :
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