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Part of continuous casting machine holding molten steel that comes from the ladle. It is used for controlled distribution of the liquid metal through the nozzle into one or several moulds/strands.

English Tundish
Français Répartiteur (m)
Deutsch Zwischenbehälter / Verteilerrinne
Español Artesa de colada
Português Panela intermediária / Distribuidor

Tundish gate / Slide-gate / Sliding-gate

Movable valve placed under the tundish, used to or maintain a constant flow rate by opening to increase the flow and closing in order to decrease it.
English Tundish gate / Slide-gate / Sliding-gate
Français Tiroir de répartiteur (m)
Deutsch Schieberverschluss
Español buza corredera / buza deslizante
Português válvula de gaveta da panela


Part of the continuous casting plant, tundish car is a box-shaped machine in steel plate used for supporting and transporting the tundish from parking to casting position.
English Tundish-car
Français Chariot du répartiteur (m)
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