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Sand cake/Lump

In foundry, it is a mass of sand compacted and pushed out by a molding machine against the next lump, both of them forming a mould.
English Sand cake/Lump
Français Motte de sable (f)

Semi-finished metal products / Semis / Semi-finished shapes

Molded structures resulting from continuous casting such as billets, blooms or slabs that can be subsequently used for further processing ( for example lamination or forging).
English Semi-finished metal products / Semis / Semi-finished shapes
Français Produits semi-finis

Sequence casting

In steel continuous casting, it is a process that consists of casting at least two heats in a row in order to reduce yield loss and increase caster productivity.
English Sequence casting
Français Coulée en séquence (f)
Deutsch Sequenzguss
Español colada secuencial /colada ininterrumpida
Português vazamento em série ou sequencial

SES changer

In continuous casting, it is a machine used to change the hot tube in the tundish without interrupting the casting sequence .
English SES changer
Français Changeur de tube immergé (m)


Flat finished product issued from rolling, of rectangular cross section with thickness of no less than 0.15mm and whose width is much greater than its thickness.
English Sheet
Français Tôle (f)
Deutsch Blech
Español chapa
Português chapa


Flat-shaped and large continuously cast piece of steel, usually 150-400 mm thick and 1000-3000 mm wide. Rolled into coil, plate and sheet after reheating and used in the automobile industry, food industry (cans) and shipbuilding industry.

English Slab
Français Brame (f)
Deutsch Bramme (die)
Español Desbaste (m)
Português Placa (f)


Mass of ash gathering on the bottom of the furnace during the metal melting process, containing mostly non-metallic impurities, and intended to be withdrawn.

English Slag
Français Scories/Laitier/Crasse
Deutsch Schlacke
Español Escorias (f pl)
Português Escórias (f pl)


Channel below the cup used to guide the liquid metal to the mould cavity
English Sprue
Français Descendant (m)
Deutsch Knochen
Español rabos de colada / cañas de colada
Português espiga de fundição /gito de fundição


Alloy of iron and carbon, subject to forging and laminating during which it becomes hard, strong or malleable.
English Steel
Français Acier (m)
Deutsch Stahl
Español acero
Português aço

Steel foundry

Process consisting of casting molten steel moulds.
English Steel foundry
Français Fonderie d’acier (f)
Deutsch Stahlgie?erei
Español acería de moldeo

Steel grades

Categorization of steels according to their chemical composition, for example the quantity of carbon, and their physical properties.
English Steel grades
Français Nuances d’acier
Deutsch Stahlsorte
Español clase de acero
Português tipo de aço


Incident resulting from solidified skin’s adhesion to mold faces, which can lead to a breakout. Sticking detection system is used to prevent the breakout by the aid of sensors placed on the mould face.
English Sticking
Français Accrochage / Collage (m)
Deutsch Kleben /ankleben/anpicken
Español vidrio pegado /pegadura /pegado
Português marca de colagem / colagem acidental

Stopper actuator

Device used for moving and controlling the stopper rod position(mechanism). Can be electrical or hydraulic .
English Stopper actuator
Français Vérin, actionneur de quenouille (m)

Stopper controlled oscillation/Dither controlled

Nozzle cleaning produced by a controlled fast vertical oscillation of the stopper.
English Stopper controlled oscillation/Dither controlled
Français Dither (m)

Stopper flow control

The ability of the stopper to regulate the flow of molten metal through the nozzle by opening or closing the stopper rod, whether to fill a mould (foundry) or control a level in mould (continuous casting)
English Stopper flow control
Français Contrôle du débit avec quenouille (m)

Stopper flushing

Action aiming to remove the slag from the nozzle by closing the stopper in a fast and short manner.
English Stopper flushing
Français Nettoyage de labusette (m)

Stopper rod

Term applied to a refractory rod placed in the bottom-pour ladle or tundish used to adjust the flow of molten metal through the nozzle into the casting by adjusting the opening space above the nozzle.
English Stopper rod
Français Quenouille (f)
Deutsch Stahlstange Stange Stopfenstange (die)
Español vástago del tapón
Português haste do tampão

Stopper valve

Device composed of a rod and a nozzle used for regulation of molten metal as it flows by gravity from one point to the other (ex. from tundish to mould on a continuous casting machine).
English Stopper valve
Français Vanne quenouille (f)


Part of the continuous casting machine through which flows the molten metal after it leaves the tundish. There can be only one strand in a slab casting machine whereas billet and bloom casters dispose of 2- 6 of them.
English Strand
Français Ligne de coulee continue (f)
Deutsch Gießtrang
Español línea
Português plano geral

Sub entry shroud ( SES)

Refractories placed below the tundish to prevent metal re-oxidation of molten steel and guide the flow to the mould.
English Sub entry shroud ( SES)
Français Tube immergé (m)

Submerged entry nozzle ( SEN)

In continuous casting, it is a one piece refractory tube below the stopper used to prevent metal re-oxidation and guide the flow to the mould.
English Submerged entry nozzle ( SEN)
Français Busette immergée (f)
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