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Radioactive sensor

Device for measuring liquid levels by using a radioactive source and a gamma ray counter.
English Radioactive sensor
Français Capteur radioactif (m)

Ramping / Level ramping/ Mould level set point ramping

Action consisting of moving slowly up and down the mould level set-point with purpose to reduce refractory wearing.
English Ramping / Level ramping/ Mould level set point ramping
Français Variation de la consigne de niveau (f)

Revamping / Upgrading

Updating an existing machine by applying new solutions adapted to the former system or by replacing old parts in order to improve its efficiency.
English Revamping / Upgrading
Français Modernisation (f)
Deutsch Verguetung


Operation that takes place in a rolling mill, aiming to reduce the thickness of a metal section by passing it between rolls.
English Rolling
Français Laminage (m)
Deutsch Walzvorgang
Español laminado
Português laminagem

Rolling mill/machine

Device composed of rolls used to distort and reduce metal sections by passing them through the cylinders to obtain finished shapes such as bars, plates, and strips.
English Rolling mill/machine
Français Laminoir (m)
Deutsch Walzwerk
Español laminador
Português laminador
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