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Ladle / Pouring Ladle

Refractory metal container used for transportation and pouring of molten metal into the mould.

English Ladle / Pouring Ladle
Français Poche de coulée (f)
Deutsch Schöpfkelle
Español Cazo / Cuchara
Português Panela / Colher de fundição


In foundry, it is a refractory passage in front of the tap hole through which molten metal flows.
English Launder
Français Chenal de coulée (m)
Deutsch Gießrinne
Español artesa de colada
Português canal de alimentação

Level surge

Strong bath level variations in the mould, resulting from bulges or waves that may cause entrapment in the solidification shell and uneven solidification of the molten metal.
English Level surge
Français Variations de niveau
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