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Induction channel pouring furnace

Machine composed of a refractory passage through which molten metal is introduced to a heated chamber. It is used for holding, keeping heat and pouring of molten metal.
English Induction channel pouring furnace
Français Four à induction à canal (m)
Deutsch Induktionsrinnenofen
Español horno de inducción de canal
Português forno a indução de canal

Inoculant checker

Camera based system used in foundry in order to control the inoculation process for each mould poured, detecting misalignment or absence of the inoculants.
English Inoculant checker
Français Contrôleur d’inoculent (m)


Operation consisting of adding substances called inoculants to molten metal before pouring (pouring stream inoculation/in-stream inoculation) or directly into the mould so that they create nuclei for crystallization.
English Inoculation
Français Inoculation (f)
Deutsch Impfung
Español inoculación
Português inoculação
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