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Long, semi-finished product of continuous casting of less than 150 mm square / round section. It is used in house-building industry and railroad construction after being transformed into bars, angles and sections.
English Billet
Français Billette (f)
Deutsch Knüppel (der)
Español Palanquilla (f)
Português Tarugo (m)


Large and long piece of steel mostly produced by continuous casting with a square or rectangular cross section of minimum 150mm. Blooms can be further processed into sections and profiles and used in railroad construction and offshore industry as well as for tube making.
English Bloom
Français Bloom (m)
Deutsch Vorblock (der)
Español Bloom (m)
Português Barra (f)

Bottom pouring ladle

Pouring machine having a hole in the bottom through which flows molten metal . The control of the flow is done by the stopper device.
English Bottom pouring ladle
Français Poche à quenouille (f)
Deutsch Stopfenpfanne
Español cuchara de tapón /cuchara de colar por el fondo

Breakout / break - out

Dangerous incident on a continuous casting machine due to the sticking of the metal onto the mold’s wall, which causes the molten metal to splash.
English Breakout / break - out
Français Percée (f)
Deutsch Durchbruch
Español rotura de la costra de colada
Português rotura da pele

Breakout prevention

The aim of this operation is to anticipate the spilling of molten metal on a continuous casting machine by auto healing of the skin and through thermal conditions control within the mould.
English Breakout prevention
Français Prévention de percée (f)


Change in the liquid volume below the mould due to periodical deformation of the metal shell between extraction rolls.
English Bulging
Français Gonflage (m)
Deutsch Verwerfung /Verzug
Español alabeo /asimetría axial
Português distorção
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