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Association of two or more chemical substances, including at least one metal, in liquid or solid form.
Ex. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon.

English Alloy
Français Alliage (m)
Español Aleación (f)
Português Liga (f)

Automatic flux powder feeder

Machine composed of a hopper, a screw dosing system and a control panel use d to automatically distribute atomized or pulverized powder in the mould of a billet or bloom caster. Atomized/granular powder is obtained by mechanical dispersion of molten metal by a jet of gas or liquid. Pulverized powder results from thermo temporal treatment of melts.
English Automatic flux powder feeder
Français Distributeur automatique de poudre en lingotière (m)

Automatic mold level control (AMLC)

Operations aiming to regulate and keep steady the level of molten metal in the mould by opening the stopper rod to fill the mould and closing it to prevent the overflow.

English Automatic mold level control (AMLC)
Français Régulation de niveau en lingotière (f)
Español Control del nivel en la lingotera / Control automático de nivel en molde

Automatic molding line / plant

Mechanical system dedicated to the production of castings whereby the moulds containing sand are automatically produced and pushed to be filled with molten metal under the pouring unit. Can be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal molding line is more traditional and produces 90-120 moulds / hour. It uses individual separated molding boxes. Vertical molding line does not use external molding boxes. Also called disamatic, it can produce up to 550 moulds / hour.
English Automatic molding line / plant
Français Chantier de moulage automatique (m)

Automatic mould filling / Automatic pouring

This operation aims to control the mould pouring. Its purpose is to reproduce the same pouring strategy mould after mould, minimize the pouring time and optimize the yield (no spillage, no over pouring, controlled final level in a cup).
English Automatic mould filling / Automatic pouring
Français Remplissage automatique de moules (m)

Automatic pouring

Process of running molten metal from the ladle to the mould by the aid of a computer-controlled stopper-rod system.
English Automatic pouring
Français Coulée automatique (f)

Automatic tundish control / Automatic tundish level/weight control ( ATLC)

Set of operations consisting of measuring weight and level of the tundish by the aid of load cells and laser sensor in order to regulate the flow from the ladle to the tundish (avoid overflow, keep a uniform ferrostatic pressure, optimize tundish change).

English Automatic tundish control / Automatic tundish level/weight control ( ATLC)
Français Régulation de niveau en répartiteur (f)
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